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Direct Primary Care of Tennessee

Reliable Healthcare & Wellness

Direct Primary Care of Tennessee

Fast. Affordable. Healthcare.

Benefits of Direct Primary Care

Same & Next Day Scheduling

Get medical care when you need it, not days or weeks later.

Acute Visits & Urgent Care

An acute illness such as a sinus infection can be very irritating and result in hundreds of dollars in urgent care costs. Get evaluated and treated for free as a member.

Telehealth Services

Save time and enjoy freedom by being able to access care from home, work, or even your car.

Direct Communication with Doctor

Text, email, and call your physician directly. No more dealing with office staff who are unable to assist you. 

Chronic Disease Management

Promote better health through proactive management of chronic conditions.

No Wasted Time in Waiting Rooms

Spend more time doing the things important to you.

Very Low Prescription Prices

Even without insurance, most conditions can be managed fairly inexpensively. Your provider will work to maximize your value while delivering the highest quality care. 

Coordination of specialty/referral, emergency room & hospital care

If specialist, emergency room, or hospital care becomes necessary, your provider will stay in contact with and advocate for you. Have someone you trust to ensure appropriate care is given. 

If local to the Chattanooga area, an option for house calls if indicated

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct primary care (DPC) is a rapidly growing model of healthcare that prioritizes the relationship between patient and provider. DPC practices do not bill insurance and charge copays on a fee for service model, which incentivizes the physician towards repeat visits to the clinic and extra services. Instead, patients pay a monthly fee directly to the DPC practice and access care as they need it. The advantages of this model include allowing the physician to spend much more time getting to know each patient as well as allowing patients dramatically improved access to care when needed, almost always within 24 hours of requesting an appointment.


Advantages of Telemedicine

During the COVID pandemic, many people discovered that remote work/telecommuting was feasible for many careers. Internal Medicine is no different, in that many issues can be addressed via video conferencing. Instead of having to take a half day off of work or find child care so that a patient can spend time driving to a clinic, waiting in the waiting room, seeing his doctor, and driving back home or to work, a patient can simply log onto our secure video conferencing from his office or home at the time of the appointment, spend however long speaking with his physician, and resume his life.


Time is the most precious resource!


Option for house calls in the Chattanooga area. 

In some cases, a physical exam or some other in person intervention is indicated. If such a situation arises, your provider will schedule a time/place to come to visit with you. As with telemedicine, the goal is to maximize convenience and value for the patient.

What is Internal Medicine?

Internal Medicine is the medical specialty that addresses the vast majority of non surgical issues in adult medicine. This includes preventative care and health maintenance, the diagnosis and management of long term conditions, and treating acute illness. While most adult medical issues do fall under the scope of practice of Internal Medicine, referrals to specialists are appropriate at times.


Conditions Treated

  • Metabolic health such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol

  • Endocrine issues such as thyroid dysfunction and diabetes

  • Men's health issues such as low testosterone

  • Mental health issues such as ADHD, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder

  • Infectious disease such as pneumonia, diverticulitis, urinary tract infections, cellulitis, and viral infections including COVID, long COVID, and vaccine adverse reactions.

  • & many other disorders not listed!


Do I still need insurance?

Direct primary care practices do not bill or require insurance, but it is recommended to have some sort of coverage in case of hospitalization or severe illness. Many patients utilizing direct primary care will have high deductible, catastrophic insurance plans. Christian Health Sharing programs or similar options are also worth considering.


Close contact with your physician

One of the major strengths of direct primary care is the close personal relationship that is possible with your physician. We will work to maximize your convenience and accommodate your schedule as much as possible, including after hours and on the weekend. You will have easy access to your physician via phone, email, or text messaging.


Our goal is to help you avoid needing to resort to using urgent care or going to the emergency room as much as possible. If severe illness occurs, your doctor will remain your advocate during the emergency room and hospitalization process.

Our Pricing

At Reliable Healthcare & Wellness our goal is to maximize patient value.

Membership costs only $50 per person per month!


Children of members can be covered for basic urgent care needs and simple paperwork.

e.g. sick notes for only $10 per month.

If both parents are members, this service is included free.

About Us

About Us

Reliable Healthcare & Wellness is a rapidly growing direct primary care practice primarily serving the Southeast Tennessee region. As opposed to traditional primary care practices that require and bill insurance (as well as collect copays from patients), direct primary care models operate on a subscription basis rather than fee for service - this eliminates the incentive for providers to schedule unnecessary follow up appointments to allow additional billing.


Additionally, rather than have a traditional brick and mortar clinic location, we are offering primarily telemedicine services with house calls by your provider as needed if in the greater Chattanooga area. This maximizes patient convenience and access while minimizing overhead costs, allowing the savings to be passed on to you, the patient.

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